Celtic Crossing • A Novel

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In stores 9-17-2019 | Pre-order online

I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of my inspirational suspense novel, Celtic Crossing.

Aideen Callaghan and her grandson are the last of a long Irish lineage plagued by cancer. The boy now lies dying. Desperate for a miraculous cure, she sets an historian priest and a shepherd seminarian on a quest to find the holy relic that inspired the Celtic cross—but disappeared to history in 1866. It is a quest into the unexpected.

Celtic Crossing engages the intellect, the heart, and the soul. It is a unique upmarket novel of strong appeal to all who yearn for a compelling read that will draw them in, invite contemplation and discussion, and be savored. Book groups will find much to explore, prompted by insightful questions offered in an online Guide.

Simultaneously fast-paced and penetrating, the work is a cohesive blend of historical-contemporary suspense, family drama, and discernment built on weighty themes of love, loss, forgiveness, self-discovery, faith, redemption, and salvation. Often lyrical and at times poetic, humor serves as an effective counterpoint. The story is infused with Celtic and Italian culture, Renaissance art, and a panoply of captivating characters. They are Catholic and through its prism they contextualize life—yet like us all, they are human.

In a world filled with the emptiness of relativism, there is a clear need—and growing demand—for stimulating, consequential inspirational fiction. At its finest such literature has the power to reach across and beyond religious affiliation to attract readers who might otherwise not be drawn to the Christian bookshelf. The characters in Celtic Crossing meet at the intersection of medicine and miracles, faith and grace, forgiveness and love. Their journeys vary, but ultimately all find their true being in the Cross. Their stories vary, but all face relevant issues of the day. These achingly real, enduring souls lithely slip into the reader’s heart, break it, and lift it heavenward. Given its universal themes, popular genres, and quiet intellectual appeal, this work is sure to be embraced by a mainstream audience—and resonate spiritually among those with open hearts.

Future posts will relate my inspiration for this story, drawn from personal experiences as a pediatric oncologist and clinical researcher. Together we’ll delve into the fictional characters and touch on some of the historical and biblical figures who shepherd the holy relic on its journey from Golgatha to Gaul, from Éire to Rome. Welcome!